Why Scinch Matters

Scinch is a way to teach science; we present complex topics in fun and easy to understand ways using graphics, characters, and hands-on activities. By presenting abstract scientific concepts in concrete and relatable ways, we make science accessible to all people, all ages, and all learning styles. It’s time for a new approach to science education: one that inspires and excites while teaching the fundamental concepts. We are proud to blaze this trail – join us in making children’s futures brighter and help us create a world where the words “science,” “chemistry,” “physics,” “math,” and “biology” are met with cheers of excitement and not groans of loathing.

Join us in making children's futures brighter.

Many middle and high school aged students, especially girls, don’t like science. The subject matter has become taboo, a subject shrouded in infamy for being difficult! We strongly believe that this aversion comes from the way the content is presented not the content itself. If presented correctly, any child, any adult, scientifically minded or not, can learn to love and appreciate science! Our products are meant to teach science through supplemental at-home instruction and can be done with friends, family, kids, adults, or anyone who wants to learn more about science.

Any child can learn to love science!

Our Goal

We’ve responded to this call for action by fundamentally changing the way we approach science education — we make science more relatable and concrete by personifying atoms and molecules, weaving stories out of scientific concepts, and providing hands-on experiments so people of all ages may learn and enjoy the scientific concepts. We look forward to the opportunity to bring people together with science and to inspire the next generation to not just learn science but to LOVE science!

Inspire the next generation to not just learn science but to LOVE science!

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