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Disclaimer of Liability

Scinch, LLC takes every precaution to ensure the experiments contained within our products are as safe as possible. Although minimal, there are inherent and unavoidable risks as would be with any science experiment. By purchasing any of the materials from this website, you accept full responsibility for any damage or harm that may occur as a result of using said product. You understand that you are relinquishing the right to sue and the right to receive any compensation should damages arise from the use of these products, whether the product is used properly or improperly. You understand that said damages include accidents involving individuals or personal possessions. You agree to follow all procedures and abide by all safety warnings as mentioned in the product literature. You acknowledge the inherent risks with science experiments and their components, and agree that you have been adequately informed of any and all risks associated with this product. You agree to seek out assistance if appropriate safety procedures are unclear.

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