Our Approach

We create characters, stories, and hands-on experiences from scientific concepts. This makes science easier to understand and remember. Atoms and molecules become relatable and abstract concepts are tied to concrete ideas and personal experience with hands-on experiments. This allows students to more easily understand the foundations of science.

For example, at Scinch, we take this traditional chemical equation:

4Fe + 3O2 → 2Fe2O3

And we rewrite it with characters, encouraging students to count the characters and balance the equation.

By personifying the atoms and molecules, we are creating a more personal connection between the students and the science.


Take CO2 for example.

Similarly, the idea of atoms and molecules is abstract. These building blocks of life are insanely small, each one has a long name in addition to an abbreviation, and there are many to learn (118 elements and millions of molecules), molecules have different bonding and shapes, and each one has its own behavior and reactivity. Our products will introduce these atoms and molecules in a way that students will begin to see and learn all of these pieces of the puzzle. Rather than brute memorization, our memorable characters introduce students to scientifically sound information including bonding, chemical composition, and they’ll meet these characters with their scientific names. Students will be introduced to this character (on right) as carbon dioxide, but his nickname is CO2. Note that we clearly show the carbon in the center with two oxygen atoms on either side. The molecule demonstrates the linear geometry of carbon dioxide along with the double bonds between the carbon and each oxygen molecule. While young students might not recognize all of the nuances of this drawing immediately, we hope that when they enter a high school chemistry class, they’ll be able to remember back to this scientifically correct, yet concrete and relatable character.

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