Experiment Kits

Perform a set of experiments around a common theme (e.g., gases and pressure). Kits come with all materials needed, a Young Scientist’s Booklet, and a Facilitator’s Guide.

Kid's Books

Playful and simple graphics help demonstrate complex concepts in a way young children can begin to understand.

Games & Toys

Classic games with a scientific twist and handmade knit characters.

“It’s beautifully presented. I like the simplicity. It’s fresh.”

    –Trish (parent)

What is Scinch?

Scinch is a way to teach science; we present complex topics in fun and easy to understand ways using graphics, characters, and hands-on activities. By presenting abstract scientific concepts in concrete and relatable ways, we make science accessible to all people, all ages, and all learning styles.

It’s time for a new approach to science education: one that inspires and excites while teaching the fundamental concepts. We are proud to blaze this trail – join us in making children’s futures brighter and help us create a world where the words “science,” “chemistry,” “physics,” “math,” and “biology” are met with cheers of excitement and not groans of loathing.

“It was so fun, I would do it over and over!”

   –Leif (young scientist)

Meet Our Cast of Characters

“This was truly the best experiment kit I’ve used (and we have used quite a few). The experiments worked and were educational and FUN! This was easy for me and fun for the kids.”

     –Karen (parent)

Why Scinch Matters

Watch the video or click the buttons below to discover more about what we are doing and why it matters.

This video was produced in March 2015. Since then, we've expanded our products line, adding books and games and, of course, more experiment kits!

“The BEST kit I have used EVER in my life!”

   –Isabella (young scientist)

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